Saturday, 2 January 2016

Warning, home baking next 5 kilometers

The Tassie roadside produce stall is a marvellous thing.  Some backyard berries, a bag of spuds or an onion or two. A chance meet with the grower who launches into a story about when they were picked and a joke or two to get you going on your way.  I don't have much passing traffic out front of my house and the ponies over the road have heard all my jokes before.  I don't yet have a lot to sell other than potatoes right now but damn fine kennebecs if I may say so.  And we will be having some more again with dinner tonight along with some cherry tomato and canellini beans to go with some venison fillets that were very kindly donated.  My first time cooking venison has sent me head first into the collection of cook books pondering various saddles and backstraps.  But dinner aside, unfortunately my roadside shop wouldn't see the results of my culinary skills including cake baking than for no other reason than they are not worth dropping down a gear for.  And the bread I've got baking in the oven won't win any prizes being suspected of over proving by having developed the look of subcutaneous fat in over-tin overlap. No, definitely wouldn't stop the car for that one.  In fact you might even speed up a little just to put it behind you.  My veggie produce such as raspberries would be sold out before they even sold having only produced about 12 so far (berries not punnets), and following the hot days the blueberry bushes look like they've been in the microwave for an hour on high.  Growing and baking your own is a skill that takes time, and well skill really.   Won't be putting out the cardboard sign just yet. Even if the ponies think it's hilarious.

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