Sunday, 17 January 2016

Peace short lived

Sometimes you just need to get away.  We snuck away recently for a night free from feathers, fur and all our other four legged family members to experience a night of peace.  We chose somewhere that is for adults only and assumed no pets allowed.  With the exception being when seated for dinner the resident wombat met his stage call appearing at exactly the right time "cue wombat stage right...", and sauntered slowly past the dining room window. The black tiger snake rumoured to have visited earlier had fortunately exited stage left before we arrived but we checked under the table just in case.  Beautiful scenery, food, bed, people and service.  Then back to chaos.  Number One Son barking crazy at a bird in the fireplace retrieves the intruder only to rush outside with it in his mouth until he goes to bark and the bird takes off with a crazy dog in pursuit attempting to take off like a helicopter.  A second bird appears in the fireplace with husband and broom no less effective which fortunately had the good sense to exit via the open window.  Max screaming blue murder that his bowl has food in it that's over an hour old and wants to raise a formal complaint.  All before we've unzipped our suitcase.  Peace was but a blissful moment.

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