Sunday, 3 January 2016

No excess data required

I'm at the point that technology has passed me by.  I sit quite comfortably in technology darkness as the latest wave of must haves fail to connect to my no network lack of interest. My mobile phone is used mostly as a phone and the thought of wearing a computer on my wrist is as welcomed as wearing a typewriter on my head. I'm of an age that the latest of anything doesn't really have too much of an impact on me. My kitchen cupboards don't even display many objects of the slicing and dicing variety however I do worship at the alter of the stand mixer.  It's a mean and heavy beast and always gets priority bench top parking.  My other great contraption is the slow cooker.  A recent convert, the big guy sits close to the sink permanently reminding me to visit my freezer.  It's a wonder of simpleness that provides sticky soft bone rendering meat that has cooked its little heart out while you attend to other things.  Slow is the quick way to put dinner on plates in this house.  It doesn't come with a complex set of instructions, there is nothing to download and register your details on, it doesn't have a password that's forgotten before you've thrown out the packaging, and it will never need to be turned off and on just to remember what it was meant to do in the first place.  It offers a choice of high or low.  Which is as much instruction as one should ever need.  Sounds like a smart device to me.

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