Saturday, 9 January 2016

No rain today

The ground is burnt and dry.  The wind is westerly again today so slapping my iceberg roses squarely across the face.  The tomatoes are sunning themselves and will be fully developed in nutritional flavour as they should be - according to Geoff Janz on the ABC radio program this morning.  I've shoved some pork into the slow cooker with enough spices to infer a curry and as the zucchini is in high production it will be grated up into pancakes for lunch.  With marinated feta.  And bacon.  Work with me here.  A walk up and back along a long stretch of beach this morning is the carbon offset of the bakery stop on the way back.  Number One Son exhausted had his eyes fixed in front all the way home in the car.  Paper bags and bakeries can only mean good things. The grass or scaled weeds are crunching under my feet as I do a turn around the garden in the hope of a small bud or bloom for a vase only to return with a sprig of mint and a stick of rhubarb.  How do we crowd fund some more rain.  If it takes a dance or a prayer, let's all commit to washing our cars today and hopefully the skies will deliver.  

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