Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Cherries aren't just for Christmas

When the fruit pickers have left and the best of the best have been boxed up with passport and travel money, sometimes you are lucky enough to have opportunity to acquire the left behind.  The left behind are the ones that weren't ready to leave ie., not ripe or just a bit spoiled and didn't deserve to travel anyway.  The rows and rows of generous cherry trees provided a canopy of green with their own moisture building climate.  It also provided a tropical paradise for a smart little Starling who built one of the most impressive nests I've ever seen.  This one was straight out of House and Garden with cherry wood verandah and views of the hills. We picked from the remaining bunches and were no match for the production of these magnificent trees.  It's heart breaking in one way to see fruit left behind and not sold when you know the constant and sometimes middle of the night attention and money that these babies require.  We are born to be disagreeable to waste.  Well most of the time.  Reusing and recycling feels good and but we're not sure why.  The plastic and technology revolution that designs and programs products to cease operating to ensure profitability just doesn't fit anywhere in nature.  Waste is food for others in growing and in our case it's the chance to share the bounty with friends and family.  You can only know the joy of fruit by eating it.  A bit like wine.  Knowledge doesn't come from staring at the labels.  So by picking fruit we learn a little bit about the tree and what it produces. Then I will be heading straight to the cookbooks for all I can find under C for Cherries.

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