Thursday, 7 January 2016

I say potato you say potarto

 How could two cats be so different?  Minnie the outdoor farm cat, chief mouser and potato farmer 2IC is technically  the same species as Max the indoor cat but the differences are remarkable.  Max loves a routine.  Whether it's food or just destroying furniture, Max will most likely do it at the same time every day.  At 7:50pm each night he will scratch at the kitchen drawer.  That's where his toys are.  A not very glamorous plastic handle from a washing basket provides moments of entertainment when it apparently comes to life. This week Max found himself home alone with a loose Starling.  The bird no doubt had abseiled down the chimney to find itself in the living room.  When we returned the bird was perched on the curtain rail with Max sitting quietly below making polite conversation.  If the situation had have been with Minnie we would have a carpet of feathers and a crime scene on arrival.  Max likes Laura Ashley blankets, Minnie likes warm dirt.  Max won't eat anything that isn't out of a plastic pouch from the supermarket and Minnie eats everything that moves.  And for hours on end they both sit either side of the back door communicating about who knows what.  Until Minnie, clearly bored of the conversation excuses herself and heads off to kill something.  Back to the blanket Max.

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