Monday, 4 January 2016

And the winner is...

The Employee of the Year (farmyard) Award this year goes to Lewis our Rooster.  Sound applause.  He has excelled in all his KPI's and has fostered a high performance culture throughout his team.  He consistently offers a high standard of work and ensures all tasks undertaken in the team are performed safely.  He is punctual, reliable and demonstrates a good work ethic that would prove him an asset to any chook pen.  Well done Lewis.  If we could all have a few more employees like Lewis on the team then life would be a whole lot easier.  No day off, starts work at 4:30am, ensures everyone eats before he does and ensures the team all get to bed at night.  Roosters don't ask for a pay rise or flexible working arrangements and never complain about their work stations.  They just work and work.   I just wish I could have mustered the same enthusiasm at such an early hour this morning. 

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