Friday, 13 January 2017

You can't eat your chips out of an online newspaper

Remember when fish and chips came wrapped in newspaper?  They didn't have menus back then, it was just whatever had been caught locally and hadn't sold out.  These days the many fish and chippery joints offer a huge selection of fish, with some of it travelling long distances by shipping container freezer and requiring a passport.  Not the case here.  We visited the Dunnally Fish Market today.  And when I say market, I don't mean the huge wholesale style market that you immediately think of, this is more about if it's in, we got fish...if we've sold it or they're not biting, we don't, style market.  The first time we went there we walked in and looked for the menu.  The first mistake.  Then we started talking about what we'll have.  The second mistake.  Before we got carried away with ourselves we were interrupted and told the rules.  There is no menu and you have what's in.  For either one person, two people, or three.  That's your choice.  And don't bother saying where you are sitting, she says she'll find you.  And she always does.  So you find a seat either inside the dining area (and I use that term loosely) as you sit on some 40 year old, metal backyard chairs staring at the faded photos of fishing memories, or the dusty shell sculptures nailed to the walls, the old black dog with the grey around his nose walks past with a limp and his front paw slightly lifted.  The notice at the front door says he's old and grumpy so don't expect anything of him.  He recognises some sympathetic greetings and limps over to us.  We offer a chip, he turns it down, like he's understandably a bit over the free chip offer by now and stays long enough for a bit of a pat and some friendly attention.  He walks off with a tail wag and limp gone.  Today it was calamari, and some small pieces of fresh crumbed fish that could have been leather jacket but not entirely sure as I'm not up there with my fish knowledge.  Regardless, it was so very fresh and so very much what a fish and chip shop used to be.  Not a Greek Salad in sight. Just the fisherman's basket.  Wrapped in newspaper. This being the only modern day thing about the place.

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