Monday, 16 January 2017

Farmers' Markets with real live farmers

Being farmers (uh, hum...), we go to Farmers' Markets.  When we lived in the bayside suburbs of Melbourne we had a local Farmers' Market.  We'd trundle along, and trundle we did as that's what you do when you have a nanna trolley.  You know the canvas ones, with the wheels?  I once thought I was a happening market goer when I bought myself a coloured pull along wire trolley.  It's only short fall was that small round objects would fall out through the wire which made it a bit useless and when one of the wheels rolled off in a veggie stall disappearing under the mandarins never to be seen again, I took my limping trolley home and binned it.  Now that we have the proper nanna trolley, it works in rain, hail or shine.  Which is what you get on most Tassie Farmers' Market days anyway.  Our Melbourne suburban Farmers' Market was well attended by the neighborhood and a gold coin donation would get you past the armed volunteer at the gate.  The market was fine just a little short on farmers.  A bit of bakery (good), some home grown veggies but not much (also good), a stall selling oranges (ok) but no one who could actually say they came from a farm and produced food for a living.  What I love about the Farmers Markets here are the people behind the stalls.  There is Ruth who we buy apple trees and chickens from, pets of course.  In fact we've got some baby Guinea Fowls on the way (great, more birds!!).  There is the Gin man who made the Gin in the bottle in front of you, Jenny who will give you some advice about your non performing plants and the really informative wine guy who we are on first name terms with but just don't recall his name, so he remains as 'that guy from the winery'.  And these are just to (almost) name a few. There is always something to go in the nanna trolley every time we go and the day starts off with a coffee and some music just to get you in the mood.  I do note however, that we are the only trolley lugging people there. Perhaps it hasn't caught on yet. 

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