Monday, 9 January 2017

Today's weather forecast...just look under the trees

I, like many other people who were not born in Tasmania, wrongly thought a hot Tassie day meant just reducing your usual three layers of Kathmandu clothing down to two.  This weekend proved that wrong.  We've had a few days of pretty warm weather for this neck of the woods.  Whilst our country home generates a breeze in itself, (read that as a bloody great draught in winter) we found ourselves all a little bit slower and seeking the cool spots of the house.  Similarly our animals did likewise but were a little more prepared than us.  They seem to be better at predicting the day's weather and generally find themselves a suitable shady spot under a tree well before we've cottoned onto the effects of blistering hot or windy day.  The chickens whilst usually found roaming in packs throughout the property retire to shaded shrubs and branches, or set up camp in the old shed.  Our two goats Billy and Harry (Harry pictured, who used to be called Donald, but we had to change his name because he complained) settle down for a quiet day sleeping close together in a shady spot.  The goats love to be where we are.  We returned to indoors one night last week to start dinner and only later realised that they had removed their tethered leads and jumped the rock wall to come into the back garden.  We found them just in time and poking around the clothes line having left a trail of vacuum sucked branches that were once our rose bushes.  They hoovered their way around the garden and turned a flourishing green and leafy Virginia Creeper into a single twig left poking out of a few remaining rocks that didn't collapse with the break in.  Back to the pen they went.  So rather than looking up my weather App in future, maybe I'll just go outside and see what the farm is up to.  That way I'll know what's coming.  'Harry, I know you're wearing a touch of cashmere but will I need the Katmandu or not?'

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