Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Hooked on fishing

Sometimes we should just stick to what we know.  It usually starts with the backpack. For a little dog that means someone is going fishing.  Well not me of course.  But a backpack means a ham roll, a thermos of tea and probably some Jam Fancies if he's in luck.  He was very excited.  They took off early on a perfect morning.  I don't partake in these expeditions.  The whole fishing thing is not for me.  I just know I'd end up with a fish hook being lodged somewhere creative.  I'm ok on boats but prefer something bigger, with an Acapulco Lounge and a ten piece band to see you off. About 8am I sent a text to the crew, 'How's the fishing?'  Usually a report comes back from First Mate Bennie (pictured) about how many fish were biting and how they'd like to stay out a little longer.  Instead, on this day the report was a little different.  It read 'bit bumpy, caught a few then First Mate Bennie somehow got a hook in his nose.  Just at the vets now, he's all ok, but his fishing days are over.  Home soon'.  The First Mate had a first prize nose piercing.  The vet said it was pretty common but mostly it's in the lip.  The hook was cut following a minor anaesthetic and he was soon as right as rain.  But unfortunately from now on he will no longer be the little Gilligan on this SS Mishap.  I haven't told him yet. He didn't even get to stay out long enough for his ham roll.

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