Thursday, 5 January 2017

Instant Chickens, just add water

We thought we had a lot of chickens.  They grow up so fast you know.  Now we've got a shit load.  Every now and again a hen would disappear only to reappear about a month later with a fluffy dozen of her best.  The last lot had taken residence in the front garden prompting us to consider putting a sign in the driveway, 'Chickens Crossing'.  Our neighbour said he drove past the other day and the driveway moved.  And then this morning, another fresh batch arrived with proud mother presenting us with her new bakers dozen.  Inghams would be feeling a little nervous right now except for the fact we're committed to not eating our family.  When I first moved to Tasmania it puzzled me why so many roosters were roadside wandering the highways in gangs of two or three.  I only later found out that these roadside gangs are the result of too many roosters from too many chickens which is exactly our problem.  Whilst the rooster road gangs don't pose any immediate problem, I mean they're not holding up wagon trains or anything, but the dumping of any animal isn't ideal.  Unfortunately the other alternative I'm told is to donate them to the zoo.  Where they are a gift for the tigers.  And I imagine the tigers aren't exactly wanting them to play chess with either.  The difficult thing is that even if we did find a solution for the too many roosters problem, they aren't exactly born in pink and blue.  Meaning we don't know who is a rooster until we've heard cock a doodle doo.  And by then they may have already embarked on full time rooster duties. So the rooster dilemma remains without an obvious coq au vin answer.  In the meantime, if anyone is looking for some lovely little chickens....

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