Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Fruit Pickers required

Nature doesn't work like a supermarket.  Obviously.  However I do have a new respect for berry pickers as we enter the season of fruit picking.  Our neighbour's cherry orchard has many bright orange bins strategically placed on the ground in between the trees for the yearly collection of travellers who come to help pick.  Some come back every year and the good ones are always in demand.  It's hard going as I soon learnt as our generous neighbour allowed us last year to go into the orchard and pick as much as we liked following the end of the exporting and picking period.  As they don't all ripen at once, the ones left on the trees were left behind as they weren't ready in time.  We have a similar problem with our blueberry.  Yes.  Singular.  It ripened before the others.  I've got the team of backpackers on standby but the blueberry still has a way to go. As I now appreciate, these berries unlike grapes will not ripen by the bunch but by the individual.  So when said berry ripens into its purple powdered coating, I can be ready.  That's why blueberries are so expensive.  Not because they think they are all individual little snowflakes blossoming into ripeness in their own special way, but because you can't pick them by the bunch.  I now stand in wonder at supermarket displays of punnets of unknown location blueberries and appreciate the work put in to fill a display case.  Let me now just correct that.  Not so much display as more take the lid off the crate and put up a big price point sign.  Our local fruit store makes a special note of what fruit is local.  It uses the latest technology to display the weekly specials by putting a sign on top of a broken down ute outside an unoccupied (for years) property on the corner of the busy roundabout.  I kinda like this approach. When the fruit is local it places in capitals LOCAL BLUEBERRIES so the locals can read it as they whizz around at full pelt towing boat or trailer.  Boat being the preferred towing apparatus at this time of year.  So I'll keep you posted on the berry picking. Just the one of course. 

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