Monday, 9 May 2016

Who needs fire when fur will do

So we can forget about putting out the washing I guess.  But I can't complain because it's so great to see grey skies and rain.  Lots of rain last night.  A green tinge has already formed on the chocolate brown cracked fudge that is the back paddock.  The fire was, well fired up as they say.  I'm new to wood fires.  In my previous world heat came from a turned on switch or device on the wall and there were selections of how warm you wanted to be.  But then that was apartment living and everyone had the same unit and the same options.  This is wood and fire heating.  Which doesn't offer many options other than burning or smoking.  I don't actually know how to light a fire.  I know how to put wood into one but somehow just lighting wood doesn't work.  My last attempt at starting the fire resulted in enough smoke signals pouring out of the chimney spout it could have been the new internet. I'm sure there is a Tafe course I can do or something.  In the meantime it's not that cold and I've got a warm ragdoll (pictured) on my lap to keep me warm.  Shame about the washing though.

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