Friday, 27 May 2016

A serving of with or just go without

Deciding what to cook for dinner has been a problem ever since we came out of the cave and discovered there was choice.  Many choices in fact.  Not just the supermarket version of choice between premium expensive brand and theirs.  The biggest question is what will Max have for dinner.  To describe him as a fussy cat really doesn't give it justice.  He's gone off most of the standard cat food varieties and he won't even look at anything raw.  Fresh chicken slices was met with a look of disgust and the offer of a morsel of freshly caught flathead provided a response that could only be interpreted as offense.  I can't think what goes through his mind.  That we would somehow insult him by offering something that didn't even come out of a tin or a pouch.  Long ago I discovered that the cat foot labelling was somewhat vague.  The majority of brands describe their offering as with Lamb, Beef, Salmon etc.  But they don't actually tell us what 'with' is.  So in our house Max has a can or pouch of With and we hope for the best.  We've tried with all the varieties but lately he's bored with them all.  Frankly we've run out of tinned species.  All that's left are endangered and rare breeds.  And I can't see Whiskas running with a range of With bottle nose dolphin in seafood sauce anytime soon.

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