Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Not good weather for ducks while Lewis takes shelter...under a lemon

We're very grateful for the rain.  Although winter hasn't arrived yet, the Autumn winds are hammering under the tin roof.  It seems to come from every direction.  Animals know when the weather is about to turn.  Last weekend some dark stormy looking clouds were moving in quietly and before anyone noticed Lewis was up on the gate calling in the clan.  Whilst we were still pottering in the veggie patch the hens had relocated to the chalet and the sheep had headed for their custom built timber shack.  I enjoy the drama of winter weather and think nothing of putting a hand knitted article on my head rendering me somewhere in appearance between warming tea pot and gnome.  We get inside for some reprieve while the leaves swirl around behind us and stand to attention in front of a glowing fire.  The back door heavy from the recent rain only closes with a sludge and slam and the middle duck on the wall takes a 10 degree turn south. Unfortunately his mother took flight and smashed into tiny pieces all over the slow cooker.  So they're on their own now until I can find a surrogate.  I wonder if Lewis would be up to it?

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