Friday, 13 May 2016

No sorry, we gave at the office

We have a few residents on our farm that fit the description of dumped.  Our little farm cat Minnie was found in the bushes one Saturday morning just on a year ago.  She called out to me as I stood there wondering where the meow was coming from and a little face poked out.  Not knowing if she was feral and likely to lash out I stayed a bit weary of her but she kept running after me and rubbing up against my legs.  She was dumped alright.  I suspected the empty cardboard box scraping along the road down the hill may have been her launching pad.  She certainly found the right property when she found us.  Knowing Minnie now I suspect she instructed her driver until she got to our house and said 'yep, that's the one, here is fine, thanks'.  She now occupies her own store room complete with bed containing out of service woollen jumpers and Max's hand-me down Laura Ashley blankets.  Laura Ashley would be horrified if she saw what Max handed down.  Minnie is now our chief mouse catcher and inspector of all newly dug holes.  And a great gate keeper of the veggie patch.


  1. Hi Louise! Minnie sounds like she found a cosy home indeed. :) Nice to meet you via "Say! Little Hen - I hope that you and your little zoo will be back and share your "Here and Now" with us next month.

    Green in Real Life / Creativity Unmasked

  2. Thanks Laura, look forward to your updates on the Here and Now.