Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Summer days of slow

When the afternoon sun starts to slowly come down on days of summer holidays the unmade bed looks a tempting way to fill a quick hour.  A cat nap on a sunny day feels guilty of laziness when the laundry basket overflows and dinner is still unconsidered.  The freezer drawer once wrenched open raises more questions than answers as I ponder what species are frozen in time in their plastic containers. Can I rely upon any of it to thaw into something appetizing or have we got the fishing bait mixed up with the flathead again. It's the best time of year to take up a slower pace and grind down to a near halt.  The vacuum cleaner can sit idle for a few more days and clothes won't be ironed until needed.  Supermarket shopping will be avoided at all costs with make do meals and home versions of essentials.  My fashion attire for this time of year is a stylish combination of the comfortable but tragic look teamed with a what on earth was she thinking with matching clapped out runners carrying enough dirt to grow a geranium out of the toes. The sun is casting a shadow and it's almost time for a cold glass of something to reward myself for doing, well nothing really. 

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