Saturday, 5 December 2015

Shorn the sheep

When we first got our sheep we declared them pets rather than produce and named them accordingly.  Molly being the boldest of the four, Shirley for the little brown curls on her forehead, Rosie because it's a good sheep name and Bette Davis because she has those eyes.  Our shearer with all knowledge and us with none declared one to be a castrated male.  So it appears that Rosie or perhaps Roger snuck in with the selection when the group got mixed up in the process.  Nice work.  He'll remain with us and just hang with the girls.  Our sheep are officially doing community service at the moment as they are having an eat-over at a friends family property doing great work in keeping the grass down.  They'll be home for Christmas and no doubt look forward to a Santa sack of pellets on arrival. When Roger/Rosie decided to stick with this group I bet he didn't know that he'd be so lucky in seeing a few Boxing Day BBQ's rather than being just a major contribution to one. 

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