Saturday, 26 December 2015

You can't start a diet in December

Christmas day.  Tick.  Good crockery washed and put away.  Tick.  Visitors out on a tour.  Tick and Smiley Face.  A quiet moment and appropriate weather for a batch of Sally Wise Soda Water Scones.  So light when they come out of the oven they need a tea towel on top to stop them flying off the tray.  After yesterday's scorcher with every window open for a whisper of breeze in any direction, the morning brings steady rain and enough low cloud to hide the local hills.  The Christmas rush dispersed to the fridge with the severed ham and cold plum pudding, we tell ourselves we're right for food for a while, at least until lunchtime.  Festive food, a major contributor at this time of year rolls over any attempts at sugar free, low carb or just plain healthy living. Conversations of who's on what medication and new diet promises are soon softened by the whipped, poured out, salty and crunchy.  The period between Christmas and New Year like a food and drink amnesty of anything goes before the cold harshness of January's resolutions begins. So it's not enough that we're good for Santa but now only 6 more sleeps until we have to be good for ourselves.  Pass the cream please.

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