Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Throw the keys in the bowl, it's the retro radish

What is it about the radish to says Sao biscuits and the 1970's.  An under rated vegetable that deserves a little more of the spotlight over the ever present cress and every party goer the pea shoot.  Our first harvest from our newly planted patches have provided enough radishes to keep us going all through summer.  Provided we eat nothing but radishes.  I'm looking at my Margaret Fulton's for inspiration.  I've often seen them mandolined within an inch of their lives alongside a carpaccio or ceviche - thinly sliced raw fish to you and me.  Someone suggested to me radish pie but I think it was a joke  and I'm still under performing in the sashimi slicing category so we'll be having salads all round for a few weeks yet.  Being home grown and freshly pulled from their comfy beds they've developed a strong mustardy flavour.  Your standard supermarket variety as opposed to common garden variety don't have that same punch on the nose of heat and crunch that has you reaching for your Kraft Cheddar cubes and bypassing the cabana.  So here's to the humble radish.  An almost forgotten feature of the hors d'oeuvres platter.  Pass the prawn cocktail and break out the spumante, cheers.

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