Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Fair coop

Lewis our second in charge pekin rooster likes an early start.  I mean early as in a 4:30am early start.  No sleep in for this little feller.  I was hoping with daylight savings that the early risers would be delayed an hour but the early rising sun soon put that theory nicely back to bed.  Lewis likes to survey the land and determines his schedule for the day.  He recently suffered a demotion to the rank of second in charge following the loss of one of our hens in a water trough.  A sad event but with no suspicious circumstances.  Since then he's been pushed to the back of the group, no longer left on his own to supervise and now the last one at the assortment of last night's leftovers.  Even though the incident was not his fault there's no fair process and union representation in chicken world.  He took it on the chin and didn't even call in sick the next day.  I wonder if he'll ever get the opportunity to work his way up in the pecking order again.  Or maybe his warning sits permanently in the chicken files forever.  Most unfair.

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