Saturday, 24 October 2015

Why spray it on when you can roll in it

Number One Son ready to go somewhere.  Anywhere.  The trip in the car to a sandy beach or a garbage tip.  Equally exciting with untold smells.  He's always been a good passenger and whilst a whining Neil Young on the radio might put some of us off, not him.  He's come from a life of cafe culture and prestigious puppy schools to a farm yard with strange birds and woolly dogs that won't obey commands.  He must wonder how he went from a regular appointment at the local groomers having him blow dried and smelling of scent to now sporting a solid layer of dried up chook pooh and smelling of something dead.  The pooch pamperer has been replaced with a bucket of warm water and a rinse under the hose followed by a quick dash to get in front of a roaring wood heater.  Those city dogs have it too easy.  Now where did I see that dead thing.

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