Friday, 9 October 2015

It's a boy. Or a girl.

After weeks and weeks of our having a chicken in a wine box leaving us unsure if we were hatching a batch of fluffy chicks or a decent bottle of bordeaux, then finally 8 arrived all at once.  To our little farm.  Then another lot and now there's two more chickens out of rotation and in the maternity ward.  Cages bought and borrowed to keep possessive mothers apart and straw strewn to ensure little feet don't get cold.  Phew.  Visitors hours over for another day.  Mums and bubs doing well.

1 comment:

  1. So adorable! :D I'd love to raise chickens from egg to chick to adult. Don't think I'll be trying it any time soon though. My current property isn't big enough to allow a chicken coop in the required distance from the fence.