Sunday, 11 October 2015

Whiskas rare varieties

What could an indoor cat and and outdoor farm cat have so much to talk about.  Maxwell the indoor ragdoll who will remain the indoor cat having had one too many beatings by the local pigeon hood in his last home would only find a farm bewildering and be assaulted by the nearest wattle bird for just asking questions.  Minnie on the other hand as the outdoor farm cat holds rank as chief mouser and lethal lizard killer (well skinks actually) will spend only so long at the door listening to tales of soft beds and Laura Ashley blankets before hunting prevails. Max is fussy on food Minnie eats it if it moves or you move.  Max is sick of every variety of cat food on the market with our only options now being endangered species in a tin.  Minnie eats Max's leftovers.  They've stitched up a deal and it's a win win. So this conversation could be along the lines of "no beef and liver was yesterday, I promise it will be salmon today..."

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