Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Unable to defrost my dining room

Saturday gave us a Spring teaser.  A little warm breeze and some sun to soak through your skin.  Today no sign to be had.  The south wind coming under the gaps and cracks in my old house have come directly from Antarctica without so much as a stop for coffee.  My hallway is like a meat keeper.  I'm tempting to hang a side of beef in the dining room just because I can.  I have had a vase in there with a single hydrangea flower sitting above the mantle since about March this year.  It never died.  It's just frozen in time.  And again the wearing of three layers of clothing is a necessity to get from one part of the house to the other and as I write, I feel the wrap of my leggings and long pants around my knees.  Spring does this.  One day it's hard to bend your arms from the Kathmandu coatings and the next day you are peeling off the layers wondering if your hot flushes have returned.  It will be nice again not to have to gather kindling and babysit the wood fire.  Not that we don't love our seasons.  Just some of us enjoy the winter more than others...like Max.  He moves from electric blanket to fireside and return.  Like the slow movement of a herd (of one) seeking greener pastures, he has an internal radar for warmth.  He's a winter fan.  He's dead keen on the side of beef idea as well.


  1. We were in Tassie for the last 3 weeks on our honeymoon - first day back at work today (hence the procrastination). It was so beautiful but holy cow was it cold! We did do a bit of camping so I guess it's out own fault and on the plus side, it's made Sydney feel warm in comparison! I'm a fan of winter when not staying in a roof top tent :)