Thursday, 31 August 2017

A face only a mother could love - but no one will own up

He wouldn't win any beauty contests that's for sure but Crossbeak has recovered well and is now part of the team.  He still struggles to eat with the crew and prefers to jump into the metal garbage bin where the seed is kept.  He can manage to scoop up the seed quite easily from there and chirps away happily, oblivious to the dinner mahem that descends most afternoons at feed time.  I was watching him the other day from the kitchen window where he jumped up into one of the potted pencil pines near the back door.  He must have spotted some insects camped in there and ploughed in face first.  Doris, not one to miss out on anything jumped up pushed him off and stuck her face into the tree.  I often wonder about Doris as to whether she can actually see or not.  I know it's a hairdo choice but sometimes I worry it comes at a cost.  I've seen her walk into the odd wall every now and again.  I guess the feathered beehive works as a buffer?  Spring is here and all the daisies are showing their faces.  Blossom is breaking out all over the garden with the trees along our road looking like they've been studded with bright pink popcorn.  Just need some warm weather now to get out and breath some life into the veggie patch.  We let it go a bit feral over winter and will soon need to reclaim it back from the chooks.  They dance in and out of the bird netting (what a joke) and dig up the leftover straw.  Our soil has enough manure now to just about grow a chook but we don't need anymore.  I'm on the lookout for broodie hens as the days grow longer.  We had a poultry population explosion last year and will need to keep it in check this year.  I'm not sure if they've heard of the one child policy, but we could do with it here.


  1. So glad for little Crossbeak. He deserved a chance to have a go at being a normal chook. Happy that you gave him that chance and didn't lop off his head.