Wednesday, 19 July 2017

This little feller is a resident of the Sorell Farm School.  We recently were happy to find that the Farm School were willing to take our unwanted chickens regardless of sex or breed.  We had an oversupply of chicks born on our property over the summer and not being the sort of people to knock them on the head which was sadly suggested by some, we were happy to find them a farm that not only takes them and gives them to new homes, but also shows them as well.  This little guy was being trained to interact with new comers and sat perfectly still while I shoved my iPhone in his face.  I wanted a selfie but didn't want to push my luck, I could see he was getting a little tired of the attention. This farm school is a fantastic facility housing prized giant rabbits, rare breed chickens, and various livestock all to develop agricultural skills in kids.  It's so great to see that skills are learnt in all different forms nowadays.  Having grown up in the inner city suburbs of Melbourne, this was unheard of, and the only interaction you had with farm animals were the plastic ones you played with as a kid.  What ever did happen to Dobbin?  Moving now when I drive past the school I feel like waving in their direction, knowing that our little feathered friends are doing well in their new home where they are checked and groomed by some really enthusiastic kids.  If they win any show prizes I'll take full credit, of course.

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