Friday, 14 July 2017

No doubting the Magnificant Max

Very proud of himself he was.  He's been watching the dishwasher for weeks.  He swears that something moved there.  He sat for hours at a time, waiting. And no one believed him.  Bennie would come in, sniff and walk away muttering that Max is delusional and the only thing that lives beside the stove is grease.  Thanks Bennie, cheers!!  So not wanting to dampen Max's enthusiasm, I placed a little piece of leftover cake on the floor to entice his alleged mouse out of hiding.  Bennie, in full support of the strategy, came over, ate the cake and walked off.  Tail wagging.  Max was annoyed.  Bennie just didn't understand the game plan.  So days, and then weeks passed.  Max dedicated lengthy afternoons to the watch.  He held his post amongst dinner preparations with the chopping of vegetables and the banging of pots, he still held his ground.  Somehow I knew that if anything was there, it surely wasn't going to poke its head out with someone in the kitchen wielding a cooks' knife, a dog diligently waiting for something yummy to fall from the bench and a cat, poised to pounce on anything that doesn't resemble diced onion.  We don't give Max much credit.  His experience of cat and mouse usually involves a toy stuffed mouse on the end of the string being dragged along the floor (like I've got time for this!!).  The sad part is he gets more excited by the string than the mouse.  So revenge was his at around 5am this morning when he ran across us in our bed with a somewhat live mouse in his mouth just to show us, to prove us wrong.  I heard thump, thump, and again, he bolts across the bed.  I knew what it was, just wasn't prepared to open my eyes to witness it.  Fortunately the Mr. of the house was responsible for ending the torturous activity and removing the evidence.  He's now asleep.  We'll not doubt him again.

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  1. I needed a laugh today! Well done, Max!