Thursday, 2 February 2017

The Goat Houdini

Some say it takes a village to raise a child.  Some might say that it takes a hardware store to keep goats.  This box of tools is only some of what's needed to keep Houdini and his brother tethered and inside their fences. On Saturday I looked out the window to see a curious sight of a goat in the driveway.  Billy (the younger of the two) had gotten off his lead and gone over the fence.  His brother Harry was screaming blue murder.  Usually you can tell when one has escaped as the cries from the other will be a dead give away.  I run outside and Billy stands there with a big grin on his face and a mouth full of apple tree.  As I walk up to him he leaps into the air and jumps back into the paddock where he's supposed to be. Not possessing any resemblance of this kind of agility I walk around to the gate and into the paddock.  By the time I've got there he's out again.  I walk up to the fence line and he jumps in again.  It's like 'I'm in..I'm out.  I'm in....and now out'.  Such fun.  I look around for a branch to bribe him with and struggle to break one off the almond tree.  They both give me a bit of a pathetic look.  Eventually curiosity gets the better of Billy and he comes over to assist with the tree pruning.  I grab him by the collar.  Back on the tether you go.  Not even slightly bothered he puts his head down and continues eating next to his brother.  It was only a temporary fix as the tether broke and the hardware store was visited, yet again.  They must make a fortune out of goat owners like us thinking just one more trip to the store will fix it.  They probably know that the only real fix are leg irons and electronic ankle bracelets. 

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