Friday, 2 February 2018

Can you keep that noise down, someone is trying to sleep

Not a good start to the day.  Two huntsman spiders in the bedroom.  Count them.  TWO.  I detest these things at the best of times but to sneak in the open window during the night through the tiny space between the fly screen and the window, well that's just un-Australian.  Particularly when you've paid a small fortune for fumigation.  Max (pictured) is no deterrent for these unruly stick invaders. The best he can do is remove one of their legs and wonder why they don't want to play any more.  Max's hunting skills are somewhat lacking.  He loses interest in most crawling things pretty quick and prefers to spend his time embedded in a Laura Ashley blanket.  The chooks are the masters when it comes to tracking down insects.  They can spot a creepy crawly from a great distance.  Could have done with them in the room last night but the crowing thing at the end of the bed would be a problem.  Animals never fail to entertain around here.  Every morning a well loved Ute drives past with two kelpie dogs tied up in the back.  Every morning they both bark and bark with tails wagging as they go past.  And then in the evening I hear them on return still barking, tails still wagging.  I always imagine they are saying "We're off now, we're off to work..." and then "We're back now, we're back..".  Hilarious. I don't suppose they are calling out to Max.  He's busy anyhow.


  1. I share your concern. I can cope with one, but two is one too many. If there's only one (and it's within reach), I put a clear plastic bowl over it and slide a piece of stiff paper in to trap it inside, then remove it to the exterior. I'd hate to think what the second one would be doing while I was attempting this. If it's not within reach, there's not a lot that can be done. I remember having one on the ceiling above the bed. I slept in the spare room that night!

  2. You're very compassionate with the plastic bowl and stiff piece of paper technique. I have a strict spider policy in my house. You come in, you die. No written warnings just termination.

  3. Well, you're not gonna believe this one, Louise. I drink my tank water and I keep a few sherry flagons full on the kitchen bench to save numerous visits to the tank. I don't put the tops on, because, well, it is the kitchen after all and having to remove tops each time.... I just went to make a coffee and picked up one of the flagons and in the bottom....a dead and drownded huntsman spider. Poor sod...he must have got thirsty in all the hot weather and found the water a little too deep. I felt quite guilty and am now looking through the drawers for the bottle tops.