Thursday, 2 March 2017

The nose knows, sometimes

Not exactly crowded for me and number one son this morning.  Overcast, but you could feel it was going to get warm once the sun poked out.  Bennie, nose down inhaling the doggie smells.  I'm walking behind him smelling in the serenity.  The sun was warming the hills on the horizon.  I love this walk.  The sound of the waves drown out the trivial thoughts in your brain and you can't help but relax.  Bennie not so much.  Dogs are fascinating sometimes.  Bennie runs up to a friendly pooch, waves a tail, says hello, "Hello, I'm Bennie. Best in Class 2014..".  Then runs off.  Smells are more interesting.  He likes to run ahead, nose down.  He got way past where we had to exit so I sat down on the sand so he would see me and come back when he finished inhaling the good stuff.  He stopped, looked ahead and raced back.  Right past me towards the tiny black figure in the distance. I had to go after him.  So much for the great nose.

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  1. We have two dogs and only one of them can be allowed to roam off lead. Earl, the wonder dog, if left off lead, wouldn't stop running till he hit Devonport and even then, he might consider swimming the channel. He would so love to run and sniff but we just can't let him. I won't show him this post as he already sulks whenever he sees other dogs off lead. These last few days of actual summer have been quite lovely. I didn't even mind the 34C in Launceston the other day as it certainly revved up the ripening process for the tomatoes and chillies. Here's to a nice mild autumn so we get the rest ripened.